Social Presence

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In a computer-mediated communication environment, we have a more relational view of social presence. Social presence has emerged as how one entity portray themselves in a competitive online environment. Social presence is a quality or state of an individual or and organization in a virtual online world. It can in fact be rightly said as quality of communication.
The way one is presented online has a huge impact on the audience they target. Inkrise does understand the quality that the target audience demands. Social presence in one way can be very beneficial but has an higher inverse effect if not handled with care. One organisation portraying its image on a social media is the only thing that is visible to the mass. There is always a better way to proceed while handling the social presence and scoring a high social reputation in an online environment.
Since we have various social media where we can present our self, interact with people, place our views and ideas, get feedback. It.It presents a fair opportunity to brand our self in a decent way. Since the crowd can never be personally connected so they can only judge a brand by its online identity. The mantra of success in a highly competitive environment is simple, present yourself as the best among the crowd, and it is reachable through social presence and social presence only.

Benefits of a social presence can be seen with various organisation standing out tall today. The user engagement can only be established through the social media. We at Inkrise believe the social branding though stand out individually, it is indeed an integral part of branding. It is branding your self in front of the crowd staying away from the crowd.

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