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eCommerce Services

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Gradual shift of Physical store to an online store with the internet revolution has benefited a lot of organization. eCommerce has rolled out with a bang in our life. Now most of the people prefer to get involved with an eCommerce system rather than the traditional one. There are lots of company who are solely and eCommerce ventures. We at Inkrise help people get online with the successful eCommerce setup. The global reach of this system has led to its growth. It is the most convenient and highly available system. Electronic Commerce is only realized as sales aspect of e-business but we differ a bit on this theory. We believe eCommerce is a way of life of a business now. eCommerce is the most effective way of reaching the target audience in an efficient way with less expenditure. It is a useful and impeccable way of conducting business. With the growth of world wide web, there was the birth of eCommerce and with the penetration of smartphones there is now a burst of eCommerce. A simple and elegant online marketplace is all that takes to give a decent start up and venture into the amazing world of eCommerce.

UK has been the biggest player of eCommerce in the global station. The eCommerce establishes the direct link between the seller and the buyer with the reach of millions. The easy and efficient system which cost lows is always desired. The plus point of carrying on with eCommerce is that the customer can directly contact the seller for the feedback thus strengthening the bond between the two. Nearly 50% of the global market are expected to dive into this new technique in the next decade.

SEO Services

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The visibility of the website is all wee need once we go live online. This is where Search engine optimization (SEO) comes into picture. The higher the visibility the better is the chances of lead generation. The more we incur on SEO the better revenue growth can be seen.
With the tremendous amount of changes implemented by the search giants, SEO specialist thrive to get updated with the latest methods and the process. Optimizing the website require the best skills of trend acquisition in real time to get updated. Roll out of new technique in search get the specialist incur the effort to update themselves. We at Inkrise have a team of Specialist dedicated for optimizing the site with the latest user friendly and safe techniques.
People spend loads of bucks on SEO but still fails. Have you ever wondered why? The thorough research we have done at Inkrise indicated that out of all the failed projects, the reason for the 90% of the project failure is due to the use of outdated methods. Rest 10% fails due to the incorrect target setting and wrong implementation. The each update from the search engine companies are rolled just to check the optimization that currently prevails and put the correct site on line. In this case if we do follow the outdated technique that it may not only produce null results but in fact may harm your current position also. SEO Like any other part of the project life, is crucial and delicate too.

Social Presence

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In a computer-mediated communication environment, we have a more relational view of social presence. Social presence has emerged as how one entity portray themselves in a competitive online environment. Social presence is a quality or state of an individual or and organization in a virtual online world. It can in fact be rightly said as quality of communication.
The way one is presented online has a huge impact on the audience they target. Inkrise does understand the quality that the target audience demands. Social presence in one way can be very beneficial but has an higher inverse effect if not handled with care. One organisation portraying its image on a social media is the only thing that is visible to the mass. There is always a better way to proceed while handling the social presence and scoring a high social reputation in an online environment.
Since we have various social media where we can present our self, interact with people, place our views and ideas, get feedback. It.It presents a fair opportunity to brand our self in a decent way. Since the crowd can never be personally connected so they can only judge a brand by its online identity. The mantra of success in a highly competitive environment is simple, present yourself as the best among the crowd, and it is reachable through social presence and social presence only.

Benefits of a social presence can be seen with various organisation standing out tall today. The user engagement can only be established through the social media. We at Inkrise believe the social branding though stand out individually, it is indeed an integral part of branding. It is branding your self in front of the crowd staying away from the crowd.